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SIA - Hospitality Design

Vom 11. bis 13. Oktober Rimini, STAND 1 Pad. B5 c/o BHI

Milano Fuorisalone Desing Week 2023

Vom 18. bis 23. April Laboratorio Formentini, Via Formentini 10 - Brera - Milan

Relive the emotions of Design Week 2022 - Fuorisalone Milan

Discover our exhibition at Fuorisalone

Milano Fuorisalone Desing Week 2022

Vom 7. bis 12. Juni im Spazio Cernaia, Via Cernaia 1 - Milan

Sphere The Living Space / Singapore

New showroom grand opening

Dema is proud to announce the new showroom grand opening at Sphere The Living Space, a prestigious venue in Singapore.
See the event photo gallery.

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Milano Fuorisalone Desing Week 2019

Fuorisalone Milan Design Week 2019, presentation of the new catalogue.
The new collection of sofa's components and furnishing complements for the living area.
April 9-13, at Lissoneinterni via Fiori Chiari 34, Brera Milan.

Dema Garage

Showroom in Praga
Image Gallery

A mix of design sofas, art pieces and luxury vintage cars!